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Re: [O] Using property values in source code blocks

From: Joon Ro
Subject: Re: [O] Using property values in source code blocks
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2016 22:50:46 -0500

> I have no idea what you are asking.
> > The reason is I have to put those values inside a comment,
> > so I cannot pass them as variables.
> So your original query about accessing property values from src blocks was
> not what you wanted?
> Examples of what one is trying to do - even if they do not work exactly as
> intended - are often more helpful than verbal explanations of what one
> would like to do.
> Chuck

I'm sorry if my explanation was not clear, but the original example I provided shows exactly what I wanted to do:

* Subtree


{{DUMMY}} <- something like this?


Basically, I want to replace {{DUMMY}} with VALUE, without passing it as a variable. So just like <<noweb>> replacement, but with a property value instead of a code block. 
I get the feeling that this is not possible, but I wanted to ask just in case. 


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