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[O] Bug: one column table to array conversion in bash

From: Konrad Herbst
Subject: [O] Bug: one column table to array conversion in bash
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 17:52:48 +0200
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Recently I tried to use org-babel for bash with its feature for conversation of tables to arrays. I found that a one column table is associated with an array in bash while one column of a table retrieved by indexing throws the error '(wrong-type-argument listp "foo")'.

Here is an example in org:
* Example 1 -- WORKS
#+NAME: table1
| foo  |
| bar  |
| test |

#+BEGIN_SRC bash :var table=table1 :results scalar
echo ${table[0]}

: foo

* Example 2 -- DOESN'T WORK
#+NAME: table2
| foo  | one   |
| bar  | two   |
| test | three |

#+BEGIN_SRC bash :var table=table2[,0] :results scalar
echo ${table[1]}


* Example 3 -- WORKS
#+BEGIN_SRC bash :var table=table2[,0:-1] :results scalar
echo ${table['bar']}

: two

This was kind of counterintuitive to me but is that maybe the wanted behavior? I think it has something to do with that the function 'org-babel-variable-assignments:bash_array' in ob-shell.el is called for the first example, while 'org-babel-variable-assignments:bash_assoc' is incorrectly called for the second. Thats why the third example is working again.

In the end I drilled it down to this function:
'org-babel-ref-resolve' in ob-ref.el. The first example evaluates to a list of lists while the second only to a list. Shouldn't both give the same result?

Sorry, but would you say thats a bug or a feature request?


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