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[O] standardizing slideshow outpout, a la pandoc

From: Matt Price
Subject: [O] standardizing slideshow outpout, a la pandoc
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 16:26:50 -0400

Hi everyone,

I'm co-teaching a class this term and my co-instructor is a markdown user, so I am getting to know a little bit about pandoc.  One feature I really love is the unified slideshow export:


All the export filters use the same syntax for slide divisions, slide "builds" (dynamic appearance of slide contents), and sub-slides (reveal.js creates two-dimensional slideshows), as well as for speaker notes.  The use of standard markdown features also makes the writing process very convenient. 

By contrast, some of these features can be a little confusing in Org, and moving from one export format to another can take a certain amount of work.  If I want a "build" to work properly in both deck.js and reveal.js, for instance, I need both a properties drawer and an #+ATTR_HTML line.  In pandoc I need neither. 

Does anyone else think it would be worthwhile to standardize some of these features within org itself -- either by adding new syntax/options, or by interpreting existing syntax in a uniform way across export filters?  The first option is less invasive, I think, while the second option would be slightly more convenient going forward (for new users at least).  Pandoc chooses the second option -- new slides are indicated by a horizontal rule, for instance. 

If other people like the idea I would be willing to draw up a more complete proposal and write some preliminary code for the export back-ends I'm familiar with.  I am unfortunately a slow coder though, so a positive resolution would still be a ways away. 

Looking forward to hearing what you all think.

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