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[O] Capture questions

From: Xebar Saram
Subject: [O] Capture questions
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 14:38:47 +0300

Hi all!

I finally had time to properly setup capture for orgmode and i have a few questions

1) can one define default and/or completion values for capture properties in the property drawers, in example:


so that when I launch the capture and it goes through entering a specific property value I will get some defaults to choose from or a completion option?

2) can one customize the help line (the one with hints like C-c C-k to kill etc..) to include more hints?

3) im looking for a way to better insert a sub header
currently my template looks like this

;;;; food simple template
("f" "food" entry (file+headline "/home/zeltak/org/files/agenda/food.org" "Inbox")
"* COOK %^{Description}   %^g
%^{prompt|** Ingridients}
%^{prompt|** Preperation}

Note that I use %^{prompt|** Ingridients} to force a subheader, which seems to be odd. I couldn't find a better way to do that without getting lisp errors

4) can one use multikeys as capture keys such as 
("xd" "nix_TD" entry (file+headline "~/org/files/agenda/TODO.org" "TODO")
 "*  %^{Description}" )
the use of 2 keys like 'xd' doesn't seem to work here

5)can I capture and automatically refile to a specific file. In example only ask to refile to headers in a pre 
defined files?

6)has anyone tried using hydra for org capture (instead of dispatch), this will have nicer looks and color support etc :) is this possible?

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