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Re: [O] "Capture"-like browser plugin?

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: [O] "Capture"-like browser plugin?
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 14:25:23 -0700

hi daniele,

On 9/18/15, Daniele Pizzolli <address@hidden> wrote:
> And pressing C-a (Select All) for the selection.

all of the bugs occur with mouse.  i never use keyboard and
org-capture together.

>> and sometimes it will capture the link but not the
>> selection.
> Do you have an example page for this?  Once we have a really simple
> example page with the error we can report a bug!

i will try to notice reproducible cases.  please note that i do not
know whether it is an interaction with other extensions.

>> it will also sometimes capture something else you copied,
>> which does not appear on the page whose link gets capture.
> Yes, I saw a note in the code, the /problem/ is that firefox does not
> clean the selection when you change tab.  So you select something in

would it be possible to put the selection and a tab dentifier in a
variable every time you switch tabs?  then org-capture would compare?
maybe that makes no sense.

thanks for your reply.


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