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Re: [O] Bug: LaTeX export #+NAME failing [8.3.1 (release_8.3.1-123-g823c

From: Benda Xu
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: LaTeX export #+NAME failing [8.3.1 (release_8.3.1-123-g823cad @ /home/amdavis/src/org-mode/lisp/)]
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 12:25:59 +0900
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Hi Andrew,

Andrew Davis <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks for following up on this with me. I now understand that this is
> intentional. Could you just briefly let me know why this is a feature?
> I am assuming that this is so that org references are unique should
> you accidentally reuse a label?

I think you are right.

Please refer to this thread:



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