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[O] 2 issues with Include function

From: Leonard Randall
Subject: [O] 2 issues with Include function
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 19:41:51 +0100

I noticed 2 more issues with the include function on latex export. The first, is that when I make an id link between 2 included files, the exporter gives the section associated with the linked header the same label as the header where the link is located. So for instance if I include two files which include the following contents.

--- Included File 1 ---
* Headline 4
I develop this point in [[id:beb44a5e-fc8b-4597-8dc1-0fb0a6d3a346]].
--- ---
--- Included File 2
** Headline 6.2
:ID:       beb44a5e-fc8b-4597-8dc1-0fb0a6d3a346
--- ---

Headline 4 and Headline 6.2 will be given the same label, and so the link will point to headline 4, instead of Headline 6.2.

The second problem is that if the include function is narrowed to a specific headline using a custom id, and there are footnotes defined at the very bottom of that headline, the final footnote in the section will not have a closing bracket.
If I have the following master file and included file.

--- Master file ---
#+INCLUDE: "./1WorkingDraft.org::#Chapter1"
--- ---

--- 1WorkingDraft.org ---
* Chapter 1 Title
:CUSTOM_ID: Chapter1
Here is a some text with a footnote[fn:1]. Here is some more text.
[fn:1] Here is the definition.

* Other heading or end of file
--- ---
I get latex export that includes something like this.

\chapter{Chapter 1 Title}
Here is some text with a footnote \footnote{Here is the definition..Here is some more text.
\end document

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