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[O] [patch] support latex variants

From: Rasmus
Subject: [O] [patch] support latex variants
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 18:04:10 +0200
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This series of patches adds support for specifying a latex program,
i.e. {pdf,lua,xe}latex (plain latex is not in the list since we don't
really target dvi output).

You can add lines like

    #+latex_program: lualatex

This is fairly useful as I typically is doing some weighting of the
usefulness of microtype versus unicode-math in a document-to-document

You can drop certain packages in org-latex-{default-,}packages-alist
depending on the selected program.  E.g. you'd only want {input,font}enc
with pdflatex.  Likewise, you'd only want polyglossia when using
{xe,lua}latex.  This is supported by an optional fourth argument in the
mentioned alists.

It makes it easier (IMO) to write declarations for org-latex-pdf-process
as you can simply specify %latex, which is then changed to the correct
form (though there's some hackery in org-latex-compile).

The patch-set drops "rubber" as it's not easy to configure a latex program
on the go.

There's also a %bibtex but it's not configurable on a file basis, though I
could add it, if there's a demand for it.

The "right" latex program is written to the file, optionally as a
file-variable (AUCTeX and latex-mode; I could add texworks as well, if
desirable).  Perhaps the latex program and the creation date should be
written on the same line?

Suvayu tested a previous version of the patch-set, though I don't know for
how long.


Don't panic!!!

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