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Re: [O] ODT export backend missing

From: Eduardo Mercovich
Subject: Re: [O] ODT export backend missing
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 18:50:15 -0300

Hi Jorge. 

>> The export dispatcher does not show ODT.  I see no errors in the
>> messages buffer, and Emacs does not print any error to the terminal.

> I discovered command org-odt-export-to-odt and called it directly.  Worked.
> Should have thought of it before.  Sorry.

While true and not a bug, I also thought about that before. 

If it exists, it works and it's an open format, shouldn't it be listed with
the rest? Just asking. 


eduardo mercovich 

 Donde se cruzan tus talentos 
 con las necesidades del mundo, 
 ahí está tu vocación. (Aristóteles)

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