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Re: [O] outorg issue

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: Re: [O] outorg issue
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2015 22:09:12 +0200
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Kaushal <address@hidden> writes:

Hi all, Hi Bastien,

> I don't know the outshine and outorg code in and out. But I wouldn't
> mind keeping it maintained with the pull requests I get.
> That said, adding Thorsten Jolitz to this discussion.
> @Thorsten Would you mind making me (
> https://github.com/tj64/outshine/pull/46 ) a temporary maintainer of
> your outshine package on github. Or do you have anyone in mind you
> would take this up? Thanks.

sorry for being so late to the party, I didn't even notice the cc'd
messages, probably because I used to read this mailing list only via
gmane and filtered the posts from my mail inbox.

I feel bad anyway for the issues on github not taken care of, and while
I started to touch Emacs once in a while again, I'm afraid I won't be
much of a maintainer for these libraries in the future due to lack of
time and energy.
I used to simply apply patches untested on github, but that wasn't a
popular decision either.

So I'm very happy if somebody would like to take over (permanent)
maintainershisp. For me  outshine.el, outorg.el and navi-mode.el always
belonged together as the 'outshine suite', so to say, so I would prefer
to give them away as a bundle to a new maintainer (whoever that might
be, I'll leave that up to the Org Community and Maintainers).

I still find them quite usefull, I used them almost all the time when
programming or writing emails with emacs, and will do so in the future
whenever I touch Emacs.

So thanks in advance to the new maintainer, let me know (PM?) if I have
to do something in the course of changing maintainership

>     I'd also like to second Bastien's suggestion, it would be
>     excellent to
>     see this useful extension maintained again.



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