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Re: [O] Multiple footnote references in included file

From: Leonard Randall
Subject: Re: [O] Multiple footnote references in included file
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2015 15:54:35 +0100

Thanks so much! It works.

One issue that I noticed, however, is that the exporter will still give an error for an undefined footnote if a footnote is undefined in a heading that is excluded from export via the exclude tags function. For example if I have tagged a heading 'noexp' in one of my included files, and list noexp on the excluded tags line of the header of my master file the exporter will still complain if there is an undefined footnote under this header.
If I export a master file with this code:
#+EXCLUDE_TAGS: noexp archive notes tasks ARCHIVE
#+INCLUDE: "./1WorkingDraft.org"
It will complain if there is any undefined footnote reference in 1WorkingDraft.org , regardless if it is under a heading marked with one of the excluded tags.

It will not complain about this, however, if I explicitly limit the range of the include function to the headings that I wish to export using a custom id.
#+INCLUDE: "./1WorkingDraft.org::#Chapter1"
This problem is not a big issue insofar as it is relatively easy to work around, and I probably should not have undefined footnote references hanging around in my org files anyway, but I figure that you should know about the behaviour, as I do not think that it is intended.
All best,

On 6 September 2015 at 21:21, Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:

Leonard Randall <address@hidden> writes:

> I have my thesis divided into several chapters each with its own org file.
> I was trying to use org's Include function to compile a pdf of the complete
> draft using a master file. However, I found that if there was more than one
> reference to the same footnote in one of my chapter files, the exporter
> would complain that a footnote was undefined.


> Suppose this is the master file:
> ---- Begin Master.org ---
> * Here is my master file
> It has an include command.
> #+INCLUDE: "./Included.org"
> --- End Master.org ---
> If I try to export this file it will throw up an error with either one of
> the following include files.
> --- begin Included.org ---
> #+EXCLUDE_TAGS: noexp archive notes
> #+ARCHIVE: ::* Archived
> * This is a headline.
> This is some text. [fn:dd1cd1f9]
> * Archive                                                        :archive:
> ** This is a headline (draft 0)
> Here is a previous version of the text to which I affixed the same
> footnote. [fn:dd1cd1f9]
> * Footnotes
> [fn:dd1cd1f9] Here is the footnote

Fixed. Thank you.

> --- begin Included.org ---
> * This is a headline.
> This is some text. [fn:dd1cd1f9]
> Here is some more text to which I wish to affix the same footnote.
> [fn:dd1cd1f9]

This is a footnote /definition/ since it starts at column 0.

> * Footnotes
> [fn:dd1cd1f9] Here is a footnote

This is a second footnote definition for the same label. Syntax is too
much faulty for a clean export.


Nicolas Goaziou

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