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[O] Babel, var vrom property drawer in function call?

From: Kalev Takkis
Subject: [O] Babel, var vrom property drawer in function call?
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 20:42:31 +0300

Hi list,

Is there a way to use variables defined as :var: in :PROPERTIES: drawer in function call? Such as

** Some heading
   :var:      par1="smth"

   #+call: some-function(parameter=par1)

Better yet, is there a way to have the function itself to figure out which properties are in effect in a place where a function is called from? What I mean is, when i have a code block

#+name: some-function
#+begin_src sh :results code
   echo $par1

defined under ** Some heading, evaluating the function will echo the value of par1. But when the function is defined somewhere where par1 is not defined, calling it under ** Some heading with #+call doesn't work. Can I somehow instruct org to automatically use the parameter value from the place where the function is called with #+call, rather than where its body is defined?

All the best,

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