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[O] File local circular links

From: Michael Brand
Subject: [O] File local circular links
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 15:42:38 +0200

Hi all

I use a hack to work around a missing feature that I would like to
call "file local circular links". It works until
release_8.2.10-2341-g8094d01 but stops with

    commit cfe5bc97f8b18ccbf49d0764746c7563ce8d29da
    Author: Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden>
    Date:   Mon Aug 3 01:06:32 2015 +0200

        Fix link search

and I would like to ask for some help to get it work again.

File local circular links does this: C-c C-o on line 1 of the file

[[:file local circular link:]]
some text
[[:file local circular link:]]

moves to line 3 and C-c C-o again moves back to line 1. (It does not
follow all links when there are more than two but this limitation is a
different story.)

The hack that I used so far is

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
  (defun f-org-link-exec (str)
    (let* ((context (org-element-context))
           (link (let ((up (org-element-property :parent context)))
                   (if (eq (org-element-type up) 'link) up context)))
           (avoid-pos (org-element-property :begin link)))
       ;; [[<<xy>>]]: Remove the angular brackets to let `org-link-search'
       ;; match `str' as an angular bracket link.
       ((string-match "^<<\\(.*\\)>>$" str)
        (let ((org-execute-file-search-functions nil))
          (org-link-search (match-string 1 str) 'dedicated avoid-pos)))
       ;; [[_:xy:]] (abbreviated with "#+LINK: _ file:bla.org:::") or
       ;; [[:xy:]]: Bind `org-link-search-must-match-exact-headline' to nil
       ;; temporarily.
       ((string-match-p "^:.*:$" str)
        (let ((org-execute-file-search-functions nil)
              (org-link-search-must-match-exact-headline nil))
          ;; The leading part may be "[[link_abbreviation" or just "[[".
          (org-link-search (concat "\\[\\[[^:]*" (regexp-quote str) "\\]\\]")
                           'fuzzy avoid-pos))))))
  (add-hook 'org-execute-file-search-functions 'f-org-link-exec)

The problematic part is the use of org-link-search which changed. In
the above example it is called as

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
  (let ((org-execute-file-search-functions nil)
        (org-link-search-must-match-exact-headline nil))
    (org-link-search "\\[\\[[^:]*:file local circular link:\\]\\]"))

and after the commit org-link-search errors with "cond: No match for
fuzzy expression: \[\[[^:]*:file local circular link:\]\]". To me it
looks like if support for regular expressions for fuzzy links has been
dropped. I can not use the regexp search here because it invokes the
org-occur sparse tree.

How can I deal with this?


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