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Re: [O] org-mode 3.5.1 <at> emacs 24: invalid-functon 41

From: Martin Steffen
Subject: Re: [O] org-mode 3.5.1 <at> emacs 24: invalid-functon 41
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2015 07:54:50 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.5 (gnu/linux)

Hi Nicolas, and all.

I recently answered to a prior suggestion concerning the cause of a
problem (see below), basically I could not confirm the cause of the
error. In the meantime, I had the same problem (on different computer),
again with the newest org-mode with the same symptoms (org-mode
basically broken, with constant ``invalid function 41'' message).

I applied the suggested patch, and it made the symptoms go away. So it
seems that it cause of the error was located.

Thanks, Martin

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Steffen <address@hidden> writes:

    Martin> Hi,

    Martin> thanks for the info. I tried to reproduce the error but
    Martin> failed, which means, in the meantime org 3.5.1 works.

    Martin> Note, however, that it's no longer the same
    Martin> git-reversion. When I first stumbled upon it, it was
    Martin> org-version 3.5.1 and the then latest pull from the
    Martin> git-server. Since it basically made all of org unsusable
    Martin> ("RETURN" did not work any longer), I decided to ``go back
    Martin> in time'' and git-pulled an earlier version (namely the one
    Martin> git-labeled "release 3.5").

    Martin> Now, in order to reproduce the error (and try the patch), I
    Martin> pulled the now latest one, and the ``41-error'' does _not_
    Martin> show up. I also applied to small patch (because the 2 lines
    Martin> you pointed at do appear in the org-element.el file), but
    Martin> that does not lead to an immediately visible change (but as
    Martin> said, the error was gone already).

    Martin> Unfortunately, I don't know which exact revision it was that
    Martin> showed that problem ---I think in the meantime I did not
    Martin> also update emacs itself---, but if it disappeared in the
    Martin> now latest version, I am content as well.

    Martin> Thanks, Martin

    Nicolas> Hello,

    Nicolas> Martin Steffen <address@hidden> writes:

    >>> org-element--set-regexps: Invalid function: 41

    Nicolas> 41 is ?\) character. I think the problem lies in this
    Nicolas> snippet from `org-element--set-regexps'

    Nicolas> (case org-plain-list-ordered-item-terminator (?\) ")")
    Nicolas> (?. "\\.") (otherwise "[.)]"))  ^^^

    Nicolas> Could you try the following patch?

    Nicolas> diff --git a/lisp/org-element.el b/lisp/org-element.el
    Nicolas> index 8f41ab2..7b95e0d 100644 --- a/lisp/org-element.el +++
    Nicolas> b/lisp/org-element.el @@ -177,8 +177,11 @@ specially in
    Nicolas> `org-element--object-lex'.")  ;; Clock lines.
    Nicolas> (regexp-quote org-clock-string) "\\|" ;; Lists.  - (let
    Nicolas> ((term (case org-plain-list-ordered-item-terminator - (?\)
    Nicolas> ")") (?. "\\.") (otherwise "[.)]")))  + (let ((term (if
    Nicolas> (characterp + org-plain-list-ordered-item-terminator) +
    Nicolas> (char-to-string + org-plain-list-ordered-item-terminator) +
    Nicolas> "[.)]"))  (alpha (and org-list-allow-alphabetical
    Nicolas> "\\|[A-Za-z]"))) (concat "\\(?:[-+*]\\|\\(?:[0-9]+" alpha
    Nicolas> "\\)" term "\\)" "\\(?:[ \t]\\|$\\)"))

    Nicolas> Regards,

    Nicolas> -- Nicolas Goaziou

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