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[O] caption inside threeparttable

From: Vikas Rawal
Subject: [O] caption inside threeparttable
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 18:26:50 +0530

I have a table like below. How can I get the caption inside threeparttable? 
Keeping caption outside threeparttable makes it go wider than the table width.


#+NAME: energy-cost-uk
#+CAPTION: I have a long caption that is wider than the table and it goes 
beyond the table much to my dislike
#+attr_latex: :environment tabulary :width \textwidth :align lC :center  :font 
| Food group                                           | Average |
| alskjd askjd askjdh                     |          1.26 |
| d skdjhf s                                |          9.13 |
| mk dls hds                                 |          4.75 |
| Meat, protein |          4.93 |
| Food and sugar             |          3.11 |
#+attr_latex: :options [flushleft]

\textit{Source}: \citet{nicholas2014}.


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