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Re: [O] Need help with HTML export custom postamble

From: David A. Gershman
Subject: Re: [O] Need help with HTML export custom postamble
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 17:46:48 -0700
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On 08/31/2015 05:38 PM, Thomas S. Dye wrote:
Aloha David,

David A. Gershman <address@hidden> writes:

So I finally was able to test out the C-c C-c.  It did ask me if I
wanted to apply and I said yes.  When I exported the file, my postamble
(as specified in the variable) was /not/ shown...it was still the default.

Strangely, when I did C-c C-c, Emacs came back with this:

The local variables list in syllabus.org
contains values that may not be safe (*).
Do you want to apply it?  You can type
y  -- to apply the local variables list.
n  -- to ignore the local varialbes list.
!  --  to apply.....

   * org-html-postamble : t
   * org-export-hml-postamble-format : "Hello World"
Notice the *'*'* warning not to be safe.  But the source .org file is
with '#' as it should be (seen further below).

Yes, Emacs asks about safe local variables.  I read about this once in
the Emacs manual and concluded that my use cases were all safe, so I
just type "y".  I suspect you're in the same boat, but you might want to
read the relevant section of the Emacs manual to be certain.
I, too, typed 'y' with no luck; and yeah, my use cases are safe as well.

I just noticed that you're setting org-export-hml-postamble-format, but
you probably want html instead of hml.


Sorry, that must have been a typo when transposing it into email (Emacs didn't let me highlight to copy the text while the question was in the buffer).   The actual .org file is 'html'.

So by typing 'y', I'd expect to see "Hello World" in my postamble...correct?  My seeing the default is still an error then.

Just to make sure all is understood, here is the entire .org file (content shortened):

# Last Updated: "2015-08-31 17:44:42"
#+OPTIONS: html-link-use-abs-url:nil
#+OPTIONS: html-preamble:t html-scripts:nil html-style:t
#+OPTIONS: html5-fancy:nil toc:nil num:nil
#+HTML_DOCTYPE: xhtml-strict
#+AUTHOR: D. Gershman
#+CREATOR: <a href="" class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/">"http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/">Emacs</a> 24.4.1 (<a href="" class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="http://orgmode.org">"http://orgmode.org">Org</a> mode 8.3.1)
#+TITLE: CS 380 Syllabus

* David A. Gershman, CISSP
  Office hours here

* Course Description
  Network architectures and standards. Layers and protocols. Circuit
  switching, packet switching and routing. Client-server
  concepts. Network security. Web computing. Privacy, intellectual
  property rights and acceptable use. 4
  lectures/problem-solving. Prerequisites: CS 241 and CS 264 with
  grades of C or better, or consent of instructor.   

# Local Variables:
# org-html-postamble: t
# org-export-html-postamble-format: "Hello World"
# End:

Either typing C-c C-c, or just opening the file will ask me about the variables.  I answer 'y', but still get the default postamble.


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