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[O] org-collector unable to handle macros

From: Mark Edgington
Subject: [O] org-collector unable to handle macros
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 18:11:46 +0000 (UTC)
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I have had problems getting org-collector.el to generate tables where the
content of the tables should include macros.  At some point in the past this
worked, but at this time (latest git version of org-mode), the following
example fails (unless you remove the macro from the property definition):

# comment-macro
#+MACRO: c 

* Notes
:ID: sched_table
:COLUMNS:  %WEEKNUM(Week #) %DAY(Day) %INCLASS(In-class Content)
%READINGS(Readings) %PRECLASS(Pre-class Assignments / Homework)
** WEEK 1
*** DAY
:INCLASS:  ABC {{{c(stuff)}}} DEF
:DAY:      T

* Schedule
# type C-c C-c on the #BEGIN line to attempt to generate the table
#+BEGIN: propview :id "sched_table" :defaultval "" :conds ((not (string= DAY
""))) :cols (WEEKNUM DAY INCLASS READINGS PRECLASS) :noquote t :colnames
("Week #" Day "In-class Content" "Readings" "Pre-class Assignments / Homework")


Any help in resolving this problem would be appreciated!  Thanks.

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