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[O] Literate programming in org

From: Max Linke
Subject: [O] Literate programming in org
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 10:35:16 +0200
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I'm currently trying to use org-modes literate programming capabilities to write up a paper. So far it has been a joy to have the plotting code
and text in the same document. Thanks for all the work people here have
already put in to make this so easy.

I have run into a two small problems so far

* How can I use computed variables (string/int/float) in floating text?

  I have for example calculated a autocorrelation time and now want to
  use that calculated number in the text. The best solution I have
  found so far is

  #+name: print_acf_time
  #+begin_src ipython :session :exports none

  The autocorrelation time for the process is call_print_acf_time().
  That is OK-ish but I have to write a special code cell for every
  variable that I want to reference in my document. Is there another
  method to export variables to be easily accessible in org-mode?

* reruning specific cells only one time after emacs was started

  I have some cells that are long running and produce some variables
  I later use for plotting or calculating related values. To avoid
  recalculating I have added `cache: yes` to these cells. But they
  are only run once across restarts of emacs or my interpreter session
  in the background. When I start working again I would like to have a
  way to rerun all code-cells independent of the fact if they are cached
  or not. This would lead to a huge speed up in converting to latex for

I appreciate any help with this.

best Max

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