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[O] Tag hierarchies

From: Shankar Rao
Subject: [O] Tag hierarchies
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 16:35:31 -0700

I've read about tag hierarchies in the manual
(http://orgmode.org/manual/Tag-hierarchy.html#Tag-hierarchy) and my
understanding is that searching for a group tag A will search for
headlines tagged either with A or any of A's descendants. However this
isn't the behavior I observe. In the example below, if I do a agenda
tag search for :agroup:, :dgroup, or :egroup:, nothing shows up in the
search. Only tags that are explicitly in a headline, like :foo:,:bar:,
or :bgroup:, show up in searches. Is this a bug or a misunderstanding
of how tag hierarchies are supposed to work? org-group-tag is set to t
(the default).

Shankar Rao
Aquamacs 3.2 GNU Emacs
Org 8.2.10

------ begin example
#+STARTUP: overview
#+TAGS: [ agroup : foo baz ]
#+TAGS: [ bgroup : bar ]
#+TAGS: [ cgroup ]
#+TAGS: [ dgroup : gah ]
#+TAGS: [ egroup : doh meh ]

* TODO Cure cancer                                                      :foo:
** DONE Sequence human genome
** WAIT Obtain funding from government
** DONE Find cancer causing genes
** DONE Genetically engineer rate with gene
CLOSED: [2015-08-12 Wed 16:00]
** DONE Test for cancer in rats
CLOSED: [2015-08-13 Thu 11:00]
** DONE Develop gene therapy for humans
CLOSED: [2015-08-17 Mon 16:19]
** TODO Find human test subjects
* End homelessness                                                      :foo:
** DONE Find all homeless people
CLOSED: [2015-08-17 Mon 16:15]
** DONE Get money to build a bunch of homes
CLOSED: [2015-08-21 Fri 12:07]
** DONE Build homes for homeless people
CLOSED: [2015-08-21 Fri 10:07]
** DONE Give homes to homeless people
CLOSED: [2015-08-21 Fri 13:07]
* Write paper on cancer gene therapy                                    :foo:
** TODO Make outline for paper
* DONE Make presentation on ending homelessness                         :foo:
CLOSED: [2015-08-14 Fri 17:15]
* TODO Provide inputs for cancer research progress report               :foo:
DEADLINE: <2015-09-02 Wed>
* TODO Determine hardware requirements for cold fusion                  :baz:
* DONE Provide inputs for cold fusion research progress report          :baz:
CLOSED: [2015-08-12 Wed 14:20]
* Investigate methods for hot, but not that hot fusion                  :baz:
* TODO Brainstorm with Stephen Hawking on new laws of robotics          :gah:
* DONE Look at papers on chilly superconductors                         :doh:
* Investigate models for chilly superconductors                         :doh:
* WAIT Proposal for trip to Mars                                 :doh:cgroup:
** DONE E-mail reminder to NASA director
** DONE Rehearse proposal presentation
* TODO Proposal for autonomous car project                      :bgroup::doh:
** DONE Go over papers on autonomous cars
CLOSED: [2015-08-20 Thu 14:08]
** DONE Discuss them with Elon Musk
CLOSED: [2015-08-20 Thu 16:08]
** DONE Add charts on new ideas to proposal presentation
CLOSED: [2015-08-20 Thu 17:10]
* TODO Respond to critiques of economic plan                            :meh:
** TODO Paragraph explaining more about how OneTrueTax works
* TODO Develop new fungi that taste like chicken                        :bar:
** DONE Find chicken genes that contribute to taste
CLOSED: [2015-08-19 Wed 21:18]
** DONE Splice chicken genes into fungi DNA
CLOSED: [2015-08-19 Wed 21:18]
** DONE Breed new fungi
CLOSED: [2015-08-19 Wed 21:18]
** DONE Cook basic dishes with new fungi
CLOSED: [2015-08-19 Wed 21:18]
** TODO Explore different kinds of seasoning
** TODO Explore difference between frying, baking, boiling fungi
** TODO Test cooked chicken-fungi with food scientists
** TODO Test cooked chicken-fungi with blind panel
------ end example

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