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[O] nested macro expansion?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: [O] nested macro expansion?
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:28:08 +0800
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What I'm trying to do is have a macro that takes the computed TIMESTAMP
property for an entry, and then runs it through a custom function that
breaks out the start/end times, and produces a nicely formatted string
from that.

I don't see how to write a macro that feeds the value of a computed
special property to a function.

Right now my testing version looks like this:

#+MACRO: bubba (eval (format-time-string "%Y" "$1"))

and I'm calling it like this:


That doesn't expand the interior "{{{property(TIMESTAMP)}}}" clause.
What `format-time-string' ends up seeing is "{{{property(TIMESTAMP",
without the final braces etc.

Is there any way to get that value expanded first, and then passed to
`format-time-string' (or, eventually, my custom function)?



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