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Re: [O] named python session

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: Re: [O] named python session
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 09:34:34 -0700

Hi Andreas,

On 2015-08-12 at 08:06, Andreas Leha <address@hidden> wrote:
> How do I associate that with the python process in *mypy*?
> I am asked to start python when I run python-shell-send-region.

I have set up my system so that Org asks for a buffer name every time 
=org-edit-special= is called. This may be helpful to you.


*** Custom Python Session Names


I want each python session to optionally have a unique name, so that I
can run multiple sessions in multiple windows/buffers/directories and
not have them interact/interfere.

Here I've copied =elpy-shell-get-or-create-process= from =elpy.el= and
modified it. I also have to modify =python-shell-get-process-name=.
This all is fairly easy, except when executing from Org it gets more
complicated, hence the special case if a function called from

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :results none
  (defun elpy-shell-get-or-create-process ()
    "Get or create an inferior Python process for current buffer and return it.
    Customized by KDM to make dedicated sessions"
    (let* ((bufname (format "*%s*" (python-shell-get-process-name t)))
           (proc (get-buffer-process bufname)))
      (if proc
        (run-python (python-shell-parse-command) t nil) ;; DEDICATED!
        (get-buffer-process bufname))))

  (defun python-shell-get-process-name (dedicated)
    (if (equal this-command 'org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c)
        (kdm/orig-py-sh-get-proc-name dedicated)
      (kdm/my-py-sh-get-proc-name dedicated)))

  (defun kdm/orig-py-sh-get-proc-name (dedicated)
    "Calculate the appropriate process name for inferior Python process.
       If DEDICATED is t returns a string with the form
       `python-shell-buffer-name'[variable `buffer-name']."
    (let ((process-name
           (if (and dedicated
               (format "%s[%s]" python-shell-buffer-name (buffer-name))
             (format "%s" python-shell-buffer-name))))

  (defun kdm/my-py-sh-get-proc-name (dedicated)
    (if (boundp 'py-buf-proc-name)
        (format "%s" py-buf-proc-name)
      (setq-local py-buf-proc-name
                  (format "%s"
                          (completing-read "Python session name: "
                                           nil nil nil (buffer-name) nil 


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