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[O] ox-latex doesn't export with `\newminted`.

From: Zack Piper
Subject: [O] ox-latex doesn't export with `\newminted`.
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 13:11:53 +0000
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Apparently ox-latex doesn't add `\newminted` to languages that I wish
to use.

This is required to use:

    (format t "test")

That being the `${LANG}code` environment, which Org-mode uses for my
entire document.


The author responded with:

│ Environments ${LANG}code are not created by default. You can create
│ whichever ones you need using the \newminted command. In this case,
│ \newminted{python}{}. Note the trailing, empty {}. If you wanted to
│ specify default options for the new environment, that's where you
│ would put them. Also, if you didn't want to call the new environment
│ pythoncode, you could give \newminted an optional argument. More
│ details are in the docs.
│ If Org-mode is exporting LaTeX using the ${LANG}code form, then it
│ should really be creating the corresponding environments automatically
│ by default. But I would think it would really be simpler for it to
│ export standard minted environments. I haven't used it, so I can't
│ make any suggestions about configuration.


Zack Piper <address@hidden> http://apertron.net

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