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Re: [O] What is the best way to set #+DATE to today's date?

From: Kaushal
Subject: Re: [O] What is the best way to set #+DATE to today's date?
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2015 15:58:44 -0400

Yeah, the documentation definitely needs refining.

{{{date}}} / {{{date(FORMAT)}}} [FORMAT is optional] - Inserts the #+DATE keyword value; optionally formats as per FORMAT (Refer `format-time-string` function for syntax.)
{{{time(FORMAT)}}} - Inserts the current time stamp as per the FORMAT 
{{{modification-time(FORMAT)}}} - Inserts modification time of the file being exported as per the FORMAT

Kaushal Modi

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 3:50 PM, Thomas S. Dye <address@hidden> wrote:

Kaushal <address@hidden> writes:

> Actually the documentation does say what {{{time}}} does; I just didn't
> read it all this time.
> {{{date}}}{{{date(FORMAT)}}}{{{time(FORMAT)}}}{{{modification-time(FORMAT
> )}}}
> "These macros refer to the #+DATE keyword, *the current date*, and the
> modification time of the file being exported, respectively."
> Apologies.

Does it?  I count four macros and three references.  It's not clear to
me how they map to one another.  How should I read this?

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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