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Re: [O] Exporting LaTeX source blocks with HTML backend

From: Xavier Garrido
Subject: Re: [O] Exporting LaTeX source blocks with HTML backend
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2014 20:39:38 +0100
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Hi Richard,

Le 03/03/2014 20:24, Richard Lawrence a écrit :
I am facing one issue when I am exporting from orgmode to html. I like
to write LaTeX code within #+BEGIN_SRC latex ... #+END_SRC block mainly
to take benefit/advantage of the syntax highlighting (debugging long
LaTeX equations is "simpler"). The problem is that these code blocks are
not exported at all by the html export backend whereas the LaTeX backend
does. Of course, an easy solution will be to remove the
#+BEGIN_SRC/#+END_SRC lines and both latex and html exporters will just
do it right. But, as I said, syntax highlighting is really useful and I
can't imagine living without it.
I don't quite understand what you're looking for here.  Are you wanting
these blocks to be exported as source code?  Or do you want them to be
interpreted somehow?

I would like to get them interpreted as raw LaTeX code in such way MathJax can reinterpret them as you said.

Removing the BEGIN_SRC/END_SRC lines will just result in raw LaTeX code
getting dumped into your HTML, and a browser won't know what to do with
that (at least not without help...are you wanting MathJax to interpret

As a summary I would like to do the following

* Test LaTeX block
    Syntax highlighting is always nice but the following block is not
exported in html. An option will be to remove the #+BEGIN_SRC
latex/#+END_SRC lines

    #+BEGIN_SRC latex
When I export this using the HTML exporter, the LaTeX code is wrapped in
a <div> with class="org-src-container", and the actual code appears
inside a <pre> tag.  Is this the behavior you see?  Is that not what you
In my case, the code is not even wrapped into org-src-container class, it just does not appear at all.

If you are instead looking to get something in your HTML output that
looks like the result of compiling the LaTeX code, I am not exactly sure
how to accomplish this, but it looks like there is some useful
information in the section "Math formatting in HTML export" in the Org
manual about either using MathJax or preprocessing LaTeX code into
images with dvipng.

Actually, I just want to get the LaTeX code translated into raw code. As I wrote, there is one solution, pretty easy to implement and may be used by most of the org users : write raw LaTeX inside org document and use MathJax for example, to interpret it in a convenient way. It is going to work for both exporter html and latex. The point here is that using raw LaTeX code makes me lose the syntax highlighting which is really useful for debugging long LaTeX equation.

Hope that helps,

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