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Re: [O] Web site bug

From: Simon Thum
Subject: Re: [O] Web site bug
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2012 18:15:37 +0200
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Hi Bastien,

thanks a lot for clarifying this. One nit left, see below.

I'm having a look at putting a summary in worg.



On 10/27/2012 09:33 AM, Bastien wrote:
Hi Simon,

Simon Thum<address@hidden>  writes:

Sorry but to me this just worsens the (or my) confusion around

In git we find this org-install.el:

;;; org-install.el --- autogenerated file, do not edit
;;; Code:
(warn "The file org-install is obsolete.
Please change your configuration to (require 'org) instead.")

Yes, this was confusing.  I updated this file like this

   ;;; org-install.el --- backward compatibility file for obsolete configuration
   ;;; Code:
   (warn "The file org-install is obsolete.
   It is provided here so that (require 'org-install) does not
   trigger an error for users with obsolete Emacs configuration.
   You can safely remove (require 'org-install) from your config.")

Judging from what you say further down there are use-cases left where this is bad advice, namely the distribution archives and git.

   (provide 'org-install)

   ;; Local Variables:
   ;; no-byte-compile: t
   ;; coding: utf-8
   ;; End:
   ;;; org-install.el ends here

I hope it is clearer.

Apart from it not being autogenerated, it's confusing that I should use
org instead.

Indeed.  The main message is: you don't need (require 'org-install)
anymore.  It used to be needed to get the correct autoloads but it is
not anymore, as autoloads are taken from org-autoloads.el, which is
either provided (in the distrib tar.gz/zip archives) or dynamically
generated (from "make").

Which is the recommended thing in what setup? If ELPA needs not even 'org,
which AFAIK is not the case, then what? And what about git installs?

If you use Org from Emacs, you don't need anything.

If you use Org from the distribution archives, you need to add the
directory with the extracted directory in your load-path and to add
(require 'org) after adding the Org directory to the load-path.

If you use Org from git, you need the above plus runing "make" or
"make autoloads" so that the correct autoloads are loaded.

If you use Org from ELPA, you just need to add (package-initialize)
before any Org configuration of the type (setq org-* ...).

I guess I'm wholly confused now.

I hope I helped to clarify things.

I also remove any reference to org-install in
http://orgmode.org/elpa.html since the ELPA archive is produced
from maint, which is>7.9.2 anyway.

Thanks for the heads up,

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