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[O] agenda view of repeated time-ranges

From: Philipp Kroos
Subject: [O] agenda view of repeated time-ranges
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:05:07 +0200
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I want some events to show up every week with start and end-time in the
Is it possible to combine a time-range with a repeater?  I think I tried
every combination of range and repeater, but I can only get one of both
to work.


#+begin_src org
  ** Weekly meeting
     <2012-10-31 Mi 15:00>--<2012-10-31 Mi 17:00>
     this doesn't repeat
  ** Weekly meeting
     <2012-10-31 Mi 15:00 +1w>--<2012-10-31 Mi 17:00 +1w>
     this neither
  ** Weekly meeting
     <2012-10-31 Mi 15:00 +1w>
     this does, but it has no range
#+end_src org

Best regards,

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