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Re: [O] Counting total number of projects

From: Phil Mason
Subject: Re: [O] Counting total number of projects
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 10:30:34 +0000

Hi Chris,

> Is there any way to calculate total number of projects in real-time such that,

If you don't mind marking your projects as TODO then you can use statistics 
cookies like this:

* Projects [%] [/]
** TODO project 1
   + foo
** DONE project 2
   + bar
** TODO project 3
   + baz
** TODO project 4
   + qux

And then the projects line should show (4 projects, 3 in progress, 1 completed):

* Projects [25%] [1/4]

There is more on the checkboxes page of the manual here:


I tend to have todo lists for each projects so I need the recursive property 
after the projects line like this:

* Projects [%] [/]
:COOKIE_DATA: recursive
** TODO project 1

Hope this helps


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