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[O] org-anywhere

From: tony day
Subject: [O] org-anywhere
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 12:16:22 +1100

I've been catching up on the mailing list, and thinking about my
personal use case versus other typical patterns.  I thought I would
share a thought with the group.

I would divide use cases into three main cohorts:
- /org-planning/: org files consist mostly of planning and
  tracking content (lets call this =flow=). What is being worked on in
  this type of usage (lets call this =stuff=) exists predominantly
  outside the org-mode environment.
- /org-everywhere/: both the =stuff= and the =flow= exist within
  an org file.  Org-mode is everywhere (and that's how we like it, oi!).
- /org-anywhere/: where the =flow= gets applied to the =stuff=
  by making the =stuff= an org file.  But it's more about the =stuff= then the 

I'm in the /org-anywhere/ category. I use org-mode as a plain-text
content creation tool utilising headers, plain lists, tables, babel
and export technology (=stuff=) and, sometimes, I use scheduling,
deadlines, =todo= state tracking and the agenda (=flow=). 

As a result, I
- don't like the visual clutter of dates outside of drawers, or drawers
- love column view and header cycling
- often find myself stripping an org file completely of org =flow= guff and
  not just to export but because seeing a deadline way in the past is
  bad for morale (just saying).
- I can and do ignore the agenda for weeks at a time.

So, for the way my brain thinks, there are a few org-mode design
features that get in the way.
- a =blank= =todo= state is implicitly seen as not a state at all.  I
  see it as a state (which often is =done=).
- scheduled and deadline dates cannot be stored in drawers
- drawers cannot be completely hidden
- I would like a org-remove-all-(flow)-guff option

Does anyone have similar issues?  I'd like to have a go at fixing
some of this but would like to know if it would be generally useful
to others, and what priorities may be. 


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