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[O] latex export: document fails to compile

From: asdfsadfmcxdfsa
Subject: [O] latex export: document fails to compile
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 15:42:03 -0400

create a new empty org-mode file containing this text

* test

export to latex, build pdf from tex


ERROR: Undefined control sequence.

--- TeX said ---
<recently read> \text 
l.38 $\text
--- HELP ---
TeX encountered an unknown command name. You probably misspelled the
name. If this message occurs when a LaTeX command is being processed,
the command is probably in the wrong place---for example, the error
can be produced by an \item command that's not inside a list-making
environment. The error can also be caused by a missing \documentclass

This is a bug?

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