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[O] Latex error "too deeply nested" only for #+INCLUDE statements

From: Percival du Chat Gris
Subject: [O] Latex error "too deeply nested" only for #+INCLUDE statements
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 12:55:31 -0400

Good day,

I've tried googling, reading faqs and the like, and have come up empty.

If I have a number of stub files, with the information in them that I want to pull into multiple documents, and I #+INCLUDE them in a file, I get the latex "too deeply nested" error.  If, however, I simply insert the files into the buffer, then they will create the PDF via latex export without a problem.  Is there something in the #+INCLUDE code that adds a nested layer such that it becomes problematic for PDF production?  If so, is there a better route to create PDF files?  I have been using Latex and HTML export for a while, so I'm not entirely familiar with any other options that might produce PDF files as cleanly.  While I can (and have) written a script to pull all the pieces together into one large file, there should be an easier way.

Thank you,

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