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[O] multiline agenda and/or two-pane agenda selection

From: Ben
Subject: [O] multiline agenda and/or two-pane agenda selection
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 12:01:55 -0500
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Hi all,

I hope this isn't in the FAQ or documentation---I tried to look through both according to the instructions but this seems like a basic question so my apologies if I'm missing something stupid.

I'm starting to use org-mode and its agenda view and like it a lot. However, I would like to modify it so one of two things happen:

1) Easy agenda navigation

Currently I like how I can press Enter (bound to org-agenda-switch-to apparently) in the agenda view and it will show me the relevant spot in an org file. However, it replaces the agenda view with the org file, meaning I have to switch back to the agenda file and press extra keystrokes.

I almost always use emacs with two windows open (tiled side by side in one frame). Is it possible for Enter to open up the org file in the other window, leaving the agenda window unchanged? I found the org-agenda-window-setup command, but it seems to govern how the agenda window is displayed instead of how the agenda opens other windows.

2) Multi-line agenda listings

If that isn't possible or recommended, it would be nice if I could have a bit more information at a glance in the agenda view. Sometimes I can't tell in my agenda what a TODO item is because it's out of context. For instance, if in my org file it says

    * Client XYZ
        * TODO Call Bob about paperwork
            SCHEDULED: <2012-10-15 Mon>

Then in the agenda it says:

    Monday    15 October 1012
        work:    Scheduled:    TODO Call Bob about paperwork

This is good but sometimes I wonder which "Bob" or what "paperwork" it's talking about. For me I think it would be nicer if the heading it's under would also appear, so the agenda view would look like:

    Monday    15 October 1012
        work:    Scheduled:    Client XYZ
TODO Call Bob about paperwork

so I have a bit more context. Perhaps other lines could be displayed too depending on the settings.

Thanks for any ideas,

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