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[O] link creation, ido usage, and headers

From: tony day
Subject: [O] link creation, ido usage, and headers
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 10:21:59 +1100

Hi Sam,

On 12 Oct 2012, at 07:17, Samuel Wales <address@hidden> wrote:

> Slighly different from this, I wonder if anybody has anything similar:
> I have blog entries with a :Live-URL: property.  What I'd like is to
> use ido to complete on the header that contains that property, and
> create a link with the value of that property as the URL and the
> header offered as default for the description.
> Maybe this is too different?

Not too different.  Expanding the org-insert-link types to include headers was 
on my todo list (somewhere).  I think much of the functionality you need is 
already in the org-refile process.  In particular, the help for 
org-refile-targets says:

  A specification of how to find candidate refile targets.  This may be
  any of:
  - a cons cell (:tag . "TAG") to identify refile targets by a tag.
    This tag has to be present in all target headlines, inheritance will
    not be considered.
Rerouting the org refile technology to the link tech may be a one liner, or may 
be hard.  Others will have a better sense of the scope.


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