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Re: [O] Remaining work/progress report: nearly useful, help needed

From: Myles English
Subject: Re: [O] Remaining work/progress report: nearly useful, help needed
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 13:01:37 +0100
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Just an update to say I have managed to do one of the things I was
asking for help with.  As with most things, it was easier than I

Myles English writes:

> Hi orgees,
> In March I had a go at making a "Remaining work/progress report"[1].
> Having make some progress, I am looking for:
> - help,
> - collaborators,
> - opinions on whether this would be useful enough to be worth the
>   effort,
> - whether anyone else has something like this (but better) and
> - any other wisdom,
> with a view to contributing it.


> 4 Improvements necessary to make it truly useful
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>   1. include a captured column view of the INCLUDEd file b.org: the file's
>      headings are included in the TOC because it uses the new exporter, but
>      not in the column-view.  Maybe exporting as org first and then
>      taking the column view of that buffer would work.

Done!  It can be achieved by making this change to my-progress.el:

         (with-current-buffer (if view-file
                                  (get-file-buffer view-file)
+  ;; do everything in a copy of the current buffer
+  (org-export-with-current-buffer-copy
+          (org-export-expand-include-keyword)
           (save-excursion (setq mytoc (reverse (toc-alist))))

               (setq tbl (org-columns-capture-view maxlevel skip-empty-rows))
               (setq nfields (length (car tbl)))
-            (org-columns-quit))))
+              (org-columns-quit)))))
         (goto-char pos)
         (move-marker pos nil)
         (when tbl

>   2. Accumulate the time Remaining in the same way that CLOCKSUM does;
>      it propagates upwards to higher level headings so that you can see
>      (e.g.) how long Chapter 1 will take in total
>   3. Refresh all the Remaining properties automatically
>   I would really appreciate some help, particularly with 1.

2 & 3

> Thanks,
> Myles
> Footnotes: 
> [1]  http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/53567

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