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[O] C-c ^ for plain lists? Why not?

From: James Harkins
Subject: [O] C-c ^ for plain lists? Why not?
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2012 22:41:45 +0800
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I've started to like checklists because they are a good way to keep account of 
things that have to be done, without the individual items being entered into 
the agenda (and thus transferred to MobileOrg).

But I'm running into the limitation that plain lists can't be sorted *by their 
checklist status*. You can sort alphabetically, numerically or by time or 
function. So, I guess I have to write a lisp function to do it... but I don't 
have time to do that right now, but I need to sort the list now...

Valid feature request?


James Harkins /// dewdrop world

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