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[O] [BUG] Parsing consecutive stars

From: William Léchelle
Subject: [O] [BUG] Parsing consecutive stars
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2012 21:13:49 -0400
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Hi list,

It looks like the stars parser has a problem with 2 consecutive stars, hence
with bold in 2nd level headers.

The following sums up all the relevant tests I performed. Only 3rd and 4th
lines seem to be related, in a strange fashion, even, but I couldn't find
anything else that would indicate lines not being independant.

* Test *it* !
* *Test thouroughly* !
** try deleting these : ** *** ** * ** *** **
** Is *this* bold ?
   Note that anytime it is, editing the line gets the failure back.
*** From here, it all *seems* to *works* *fine*.
*** Only ** *here* it *doesn't !*
*** *More* ** so *even*.
    I can try with text, it doesn't *change* ** *anything*.
*** Darn. ** Even if I add many words it *fails* !
**** Hope ! ** Even if I add many words it only *fails* *once* !
**** But ** *sadly* it ** can *fail* *many times* !
*** If I try with *** *more* stars, it's **** totally *fine*
    It ** actually *** *helps*, *even*
    You *do* ** need * *a few*.
    But ** ** *two* is *enough*

While constructing this, I was using (recent git version, and)
(setq org-emphasis-regexp-components
      '(" \t('\"{" "- \t.,:!?;'\")}\\" " \t\r\n,\"'" "." 2))
but reverting to default with
(setq org-emphasis-regexp-components 
      '(" \t('\"{" "- \t.,:!?;'\")}\\" " \t\r\n,\"'" "." 1))
showed no improvement regarding the weird behavior. (I do imagine things could
go a lot worse with hugher values, though ^_^)

(problem raised on 

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