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[O] Bug: New Exporter macro expansion

From: Jonathan Leech-Pepin
Subject: [O] Bug: New Exporter macro expansion
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 15:44:59 -0400

Hello all,

I've found a few issues with the new exporter (tested using
org-e-latex and org-e-ascii) with regards to macro expansion on

Using the minimal org file below with Org-mode version 7.9.2
(release_7.9.2-402-ge5e49e @ d:/Apps/Emacs/site-lisp/org/) certain
macros do not expand as expected.

#+begin_src org
  ,#+TITLE: Test
  ,#+author: testing
  ,#+macro: sample export this text
  ,#+macro: sample2 {{{sample}}} and this text
  ,#+macro: table | hello | goodbye |
  ,#+macro: table2 | hello | {{{sample}}} |

  ,* Sample headline


  | Test          |            1 |
  | {{{TITLE}}}   | {{{sample}}} |

{{{title}}}, as well as {{{author}}} do not expand at all when
exporting.  In addition macros within table cells are treated as empty



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