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[O] iOS MobileOrg transition updates

From: Kyle Sexton
Subject: [O] iOS MobileOrg transition updates
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 13:23:39 -0500


I've been working with Richard Moreland on the transition to being the
new maintainer of MobileOrg on iOS.

* Things that have happened during transition

** Mailing list
A new mailing list for application discussion has been created which
you can register for at

** Website
A new domain, http://www.org-mobile.org has been created to house the
mailing list and public website of the project.

** App Store
A new version of the application has been published on iTunes connect
and is awaiting Apple's review before being added to the Apple

Because of encryption export laws, the feature to do encryption
on org files has been *removed* until I can get the application
registered with the government, don't update if you utilize this
feature.  There is also a warning about this removal in the
description of the application.

** Github
The official github repository has been moved to

** Wiki
Atlassian has granted an open-source license for the use of their
Confluence wiki software.  See below for questions on what the
community would like for application documentation.

* Road-map
Some things that are on the road-map that I would like input from the
community on.  It's probably best to continue discussion on the
org-mobile list to prevent spamming people not interested.

** Documentation for MobileOrg
Confluence is an easy to use wiki system that we have been granted an
open-source license for, but users may prefer something based on Worg
for maintaining information.  Any preference which direction I should
build the website?

** Future development
What are everyone's thoughts on the current status of MobileOrg
development?  The Dropbox API currently in use is set to be
deprecated, which means that portion will have to be rewritten.  Does
anyone have experience with development kits like Titanium
Appcelerator or PhoneGap?  Would moving to something like one
of those projects help new developers get involved in the project or

** Sync methods
For awhile now I've toyed with the idea of being able to use IMAP as a
storage backend for notes instead of mail as it is traditionally used.
That could get us the benefit of easy self hosting, as well as
push/pull from a well documented standard.  Each org note could be a
separate IMAP folder, and changes could just be new emails.

** Features
What features would everyone like to see added to the MobileOrg

Some of the things I would like to see are:

- UI updates to streamline information viewing and capture
- Ability to capture photos and transfer them in the sync process
- Siri integration (may not be possible or kludgy)
- Calendar integration

Thanks for taking the time to read.  I appreciate this community and
the awesomeness that is org-mode. :)

Kyle Sexton

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