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Re: [O] Remembrance Agent and Orgmode

From: Benjamin Slade
Subject: Re: [O] Remembrance Agent and Orgmode
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2012 12:20:23 -0500
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Dear Eric,

Many thanks for this; it was very useful: I've got the Remembrance Agent
up and running now.

Eric Fraga <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> sorry I am coming late to this thread.  I use the Remembrance Agent.  It
> works great for me, trawling both emails and all my text (org, latex,
> etc.) documents automatically for similarities in text while I
> write.  It's ideal for academic writing (papers, proposals).
> The agent is not intrusive at all, assuming you have a large enough
> display and works particularly well if you use a display in portrait
> orientation, as I do for writing.
> There are two elements to setting this up: the emacs side and the
> remembrance agent itself.  For emacs, my settings are straightforward:
> #+begin_src emacs-lisp
> (setq hilit-background-mode 'dark) ; if you have a dark background, obviously 
> ;-)
> (require 'remem)
> (setq remem-database-dir "/home/ucecesf/s/share/remembrance-agent"
>       remem-load-original-suggestion t
>       remem-prog-dir "/usr/bin"
>       remem-scopes-list '(("documents" 4 5 500)
>                           ("mail" 4 10 500)
>                           ))
> #+end_src
> For the agent itself, I use cron to update the databases every night
> with an entry that looks like this:
> ,----
> | 12 4 * * * sh /home/ucecesf/s/bin/ra-buildindices.sh
> `----
> The contents of that shell script are:
> #+begin_src sh
> #!/bin/sh -f
> B="/home/ucecesf/s/share/remembrance-agent"
> ra-index ${B}/mail ${HOME}/s/News/agent/nnimap/ucl > /dev/null
> ra-index ${B}/documents ${HOME}/s/notes ${HOME}/s/grants ${HOME}/s/talks 
> ${HOME}/s/papers ${HOME}/s/projects > /dev/null
> #+end_src
> In all of the above, you will need to change all the appropriate paths
> for the location of the databases and the places to search.  The two
> index commands trawl my emails and my relevant documents respectively.
> I hope this helps.

Dr Benjamin Slade <http://ling.uta.edu/~ben/>
  Dept. of Linguistics & TESOL 
    University of Texas at Arlington                
      132E Hammond Hall | Office Hours: tba
        {sent by mu4e on Emacs running under GNU/Linux}

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