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Re: [O] new html exporter

From: Robert Klein
Subject: Re: [O] new html exporter
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 17:18:21 +0200
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On 09/29/2012 01:36 PM, henry atting wrote:

I gave the new html exporter a try (org-e-html-to-file). The export
obviously ignores my setup file, and so the path to my css and js files.

Maybe with the new exporter everything has changed and I only miss a
good tutorial?


Do you want to export a single file or do you want to publish a complete project?

As for projects, the setup is very similar to the old exporter. I noticed however, I used some deprecated options or options not in the right way, so I did have my own problems getting publishing to work.

Until recently you had to require org-e-html in your .emacs for publishing to work. Thanks to Nicolas great help this and some other obstacles are removed in recent git versions (master branch, not maint).

I attached a description of an example project using the new exporter. The example isn't comprehensive, but it should get you started.

Best regards

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