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Re: [O] graphviz dot block export and evaluate

From: Dmitri Makarov
Subject: Re: [O] graphviz dot block export and evaluate
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 19:27:59 +0200

Hi Tom and Bastien,

Thank you, your answers helped a lot.
My fault that I used "export" not "exports" and that I didn't read the section 
Specific header arguments in the Org manual.



On Sep 28, 2012, at 7:14 PM, address@hidden (Thomas S. Dye) wrote:

> Dmitri Makarov <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> Has anyone successfully exported and evaluated src blocks with
>> graphviz dot code?
>> I'm trying to export this block
>>   #+BEGIN_SRC dot :export both
>>     digraph G {
>>       A -> B
>>     }
>>   #+END_SRC
>> and I'm getting the error
>> org-babel-exp processing...
>> executing Dot code block...
>> file-name-extension: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
>> How do you debug such problems?
>> Regards,
>> Dmitri
> Aloha Dmitri,
> Currently, you can debug such problems by looking at the source code of
> ob-dot.el.  Or, by asking the list, as you did.
> Your example is lacking a :file header argument.  dot source code blocks
> produce graphics files and babel leaves it to the user to name the
> output file.  The file-name-extension function is looking for the value
> of the :file header argument, so that it can configure the call to dot.
> It is expecting to see a string, but gets nil because the header
> argument is absent.
> Also, the correct keyword is :exports, with a final "s".
> You can find an example of dot code use here:
> http://www.jstatsoft.org/v46/i03
> hth,
> Tom
> -- 
> Thomas S. Dye
> http://www.tsdye.com

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