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[O] Agenda priority setting bad feature

From: Robert Horn
Subject: [O] Agenda priority setting bad feature
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 09:32:57 -0400
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I think that the key mapping for "," and "C-c," in agenda is a mistake
and should be swapped.  In the normal org-mode, "C-c ," is mapped to
org-priority.  In agenda mode this gets changed to
org-agenda-show-priority. In agenda mode "," is mapped to
org-agenda-priority, which behaves like org-priority.
This is very confusing.

We should swap the mapping or find some other mapping for
org-agenda-show-priority. That doesn't confuse the keystroke memory of
users or introduce an inconsistency between modes.  If agenda mode was
all that we had to deal with, this would not be an issue.  But it's more
important to keep things consistent within org-mode.  

Sorry for missing any earlier discussion of this.  I didn't notice a
proposal to introduce keystroke meaning inconsistency within org-mode.

This change appeared between 7.8.11 and 7.9.

R Horn

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