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[O] agenda timeline filtered by date range

From: Johan Sandblom
Subject: [O] agenda timeline filtered by date range
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 17:28:39 +0200
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Since a year or so I am using org-mode ever more intensively. Among other things, I use it to track my training in pediatric medicine. I keep a sort of combined diary and planner of events, courses and work schedules in a file called arbete.org, which tracks the four years since I started until as far into the future as there are concrete plans. Sometimes I like to discuss my progress with someone, and then I usually make an html export of the timeline in this file. The timeline is becoming rather long, but I do not feel it would make sense to divide it into several files since it is a logical compartment of life for me.

Is it possible to limit the timeline (or perhaps a custom agenda view) to a specific date range, for instance a year or "the fall of 2011"? I have searched the manual and FAQs but have found nothing that addresses this. Perhaps this reflects my misuse of org-mode, but on the other hand it does seem a useful feature (which probably means it exists but somehow eludes me).

Thank you for any help,

Johan Sandblom

Johan Sandblom, MD PhD
m +46735521477
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