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Re: [O] Feature Request: Per-file attachment directories

From: Charles
Subject: Re: [O] Feature Request: Per-file attachment directories
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:36:26 -0400
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On 9/24/2012 10:57 AM, Daniel E. Doherty wrote:
Org Mode-erists:

I like the attachment facility of Org for organizing external files
related to a project, but it seems to lack an obvious feature.

I use a separate org file for each major project, which in my case are
law suits.  I would like to have a custom attachment directory specified
at the top of the file for all attachments related to the project, have
it inherited by all headings, and be able to specify a custom directory
for a heading relative to that file-wide attachment directory.

I have tried this:

#+PROPERTY: :ATTACH_DIR: ~/cases/Client Name/Case Name/

but it does not work.  When I C-c C-a f to open up the attachment
directory on a headline, it gives me an ID-based directory in the data
directory instead of the file-wide default.

Also, when I C-c C-a s to set a custom attachment directory, it defaults
to my org directory.

Using the data directory would be fine if I only wanted to access files
through Org Mode (and perhaps I should), but I occassionaly have to open
a file from outside emacs (say, a spreadsheet from excel on a Windows
machine) and finding the file in the ID-based heirarchy is tough.

How hard would this be to implement?  With this, I can thing of my
org-mode file as a kind of annotated dired for a project.

The following does not answer you request or question, but like you I use Org Mode for legal work (I'm a freelance paralegal).

Have you thought about working entirely in Org Mode, including spreadsheets and then exporting. For instance Jambunathan's odt export. Or you can copy a region into a your preferred office suite's word processor, spreadsheet,etc.

Charlie Millar

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