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Re: [O] No title in org-export-as-odt

From: Miguel Ruiz
Subject: Re: [O] No title in org-export-as-odt
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 07:03:13 +0100 (BST)


> Miguel Ruiz <address@hidden>
> writes:
> > Any hint to get rid of the title in a org-export-as-odt
> session?
> I don't think you can

org-odt-format-preamble function says:

(when title
     'title (org-odt-format-tags
         '("<text:title>" . "</text:title>") title))
    ;; separator
    "<text:p text:style-name=\"OrgTitle\"/>"))

So I only need to find a way to assign nil to title variable inside the 

Also I might define a new option with org-export-inbuffer-options-extra, but 
the elaboration of the function is beyond my knowledge.

I would appreciate any idea.

> > #+OPTIONS: title:nil author:nil timestamp:nil 
> toc:nil
>    ^^^^^^^^^
> This option is not supported.
> -- 
>  Bastien


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