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[O] Habit setup help needed

From: Robert Horn
Subject: [O] Habit setup help needed
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 17:30:38 -0400
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I'm trying to get some habits set up that have a regular time window
during which I should do them.  The habits are being created and
somewhat maintained, but the habit bars are not acting the way that I

In the org file I have:

*** HABIT [#A] Weekly GTD review [0/9]                                 :home:
    DEADLINE: <2012-09-21 Fri ++1w> SCHEDULED: <2012-09-17 Mon ++1w>
     - State "DONE"       from "HABIT"      [2012-09-14 Fri 09:00]
     :STYLE: habit
     :LOGGING: DONE(!)

In the agenda, I get the habit bar.  The habit bar text is copied below,
but colors don't copy. It's red until the asterisk.  The asterisk is the
completion that is logged for 14 September.  It's blue until the
exclaimation point (18 September), then it has a red background, and the
future is red.  This is captured on Tuesday, 18 september.

 Habit:      HABIT [#A] Weekly GTD revi   *   !                          :home:

I thought that it should be blue from the asterisk until monday, because
that is the completed period.  Then I expected green until friday,
because that's the interval from scheduled start work until the
deadline.  Then I expected red for the time past the deadline.

What is the right changes to make to get that effect?  I'm trying to
capture that something should be done once per week, on a weekday.

R Horn

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