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[O] html publish - typo in contrib/lisp/org-e-publish.el

From: Robert Klein
Subject: [O] html publish - typo in contrib/lisp/org-e-publish.el
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 19:36:35 +0200
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Hi, there is a typo in org-e-publish.el. Publishing xxx.org results in a file xxxhtml instead of xxx.html.

Fix below.

(My published files still have zero length, but this may be a result of a buggy setup.)

Best regards

--- org-e-publish.el.old        2012-09-18 19:27:27.502988132 +0200
+++ org-e-publish.el    2012-09-18 19:27:54.009888013 +0200
@@ -600,7 +600,7 @@
 publishing directory.

 Return output file name."
-  (org-e-publish-org-to 'e-html filename "html" plist pub-dir))
+  (org-e-publish-org-to 'e-html filename ".html" plist pub-dir))

 ;; TODO: Not implemented yet.
 ;; (defun org-e-publish-org-to-org (plist filename pub-dir)

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