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Re: [O] org-capture target files

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [O] org-capture target files
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 11:30:04 -0300

I also use refile for this. I have a refile.org file where new stuff goes.

If I want to refile the note/task now, instead of later, I use "C-u C-u C-c c" and Org goes to the last captured note/task from where I can easily refile it.


Em 15/09/2012 18:55, "Charles Philip Chan" <address@hidden> escreveu:
Kalev Takkis <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Kalev:

> Is it possible to take a note in org-capture and to specify one or
> several files to put the message into only after the note is written?
> The workflow I have in mind is first pressing C-c c to take a note;
> selecting the type of note I'd like to take; typing the message,
> pasting a link etc., finishing the note, with C-c C-c and then ending
> up in a list of available *.org files (which could already be on
> display in a window next to capture window) from which I can select
> the file(s) where to send the note to.

No, however, you can instead of finalizing with "C-c C-c", use refile
"C-c C-w" and set "org-refile-use-outline-path" to "file".


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