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[O] =<<<...>>>= invalid

From: Jorge Timón
Subject: [O] =<<<...>>>= invalid
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 23:34:17 +0200

Hi, I'm working with a document to export to LaTeX and I had a crazy
problem that only reproduced with emacs23, not with the emacs-snapshot
repository for ubuntu. But it started to happen with the latest
snapshot too.
Lot's of short words (3 or less chars) appeared as links and when I
exported the document to LaTeX they all appeared with
Finally I identified the part that was messing with the export and it
was ~<<<...>>>~ or =<<<...>>>=.
It seems that two << are treated speacially, I don't know.
I'll fix that later but I don't really know how. =aaa= was supposed to
be \{verbatim}. <<<...>>> is a sintaxis to call CUDA kernels, the
place to put the parameters and I want to mention it in the text. I'll
use =< < <...> > >= for now and the dammed symbols still couple.

The "little words as links" is a strange thing. I thought it was for
being on windows at first, but it was about the version: I had ubuntu
with emacs24 at home and winXP with emacs23 at work. I can't rememeber
if it happened with other documents but in any case doesn't looks
good. Has anyone had a similar problem with another "forbidden
How can I put that string verbatim in my text?
Do I have to go back to "pure LaTeX" for that paragraph?

Thank you in advance.

If the error doesn't reproduce just like that, please tell me and I'll
do more tests in a separate document or link you to a copy. Well, I'll
just do it now:

Note: I've using emacs only for five months and I don't think I can
change to another editor if it has not org-mode, congratulations to
the developers. I still feel that something bigger is going to come
out of this.
Still using Eclipse for coding, but that has to change.

Jorge Timón

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