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[O] Same look and feel for clocktable and columnview

From: Buddy Butterfly
Subject: [O] Same look and feel for clocktable and columnview
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 11:10:07 +0200
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Hi there,

over the past months (or years) I have learned to love emacs (as it has
its learning curve :-).
Especially org-mode is what I am using quite often. Recent updates to
Emacs brought a real
cool enhancements to the clocktable. Namely indent, timestamp, etc. I
think that a table
for estimates and clocking relate to each other. I therefore ask, if it
would be possible to
have columnview and clocktable be merged to have same functionality,
look and feel?
This is especially:

- both should have :id to reference specific tree
- both should have :indent, timestamp
- both should have configurable columns for which properties etc. can be
  So to clocktable additional columns could be added after the time columns.
- Clocktable should just be a special mode and additional columns should
be freely configurable
  as in columnview.

Motivation for this:

I am trying to use org-mode to do little project estimates. Though the
printing result to pdf
especially the table format is far behind clocktable (stars in place of
indentation, etc.).
Clocktable can be brought to a real nice printing in pdf when using
logtables etc. So
I have started to misuse it and do the estimates
with clocktable meaning I clock in and out the components and adjust
with the S-<Arrow keys>.
For using it properly for project estimation it would also be cool to be
able to switch effort
estimates base type. At the moment it is time.  What also is needed are
days (with fractions).
In estimation I use as smallest part half a day (0.5).

I have attached a senseless document with the exported table. Isn't the
table looking cool?
Though it would be nice to have this for estimates with days and not
hours, etc.

Problems I detected with clocktable:

- when having :timestamp, :indent is not working
- :timestamp should be placeable after tasks and before times (maybe
- when using :scope subtree and there is/are other branches in the
document, :indet
  indents much further than it should be.

What do you think?

Best regards,

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