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[O] [OT] Automating the process of creating 'buildlogs'

From: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa
Subject: [O] [OT] Automating the process of creating 'buildlogs'
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 15:14:09 -0500

This is kind of OT, but still relevant to org, I think..

I spend most of my day coding, and sometimes doing devops stuff. When I can't (don't have the time, or the client just doesn't want to) automate it with a scm system like Chef, I rely on buildlogs (all of them saved as org files). However, I find buildlogs a pain to build manually, specially when you are int the middle of the task - in the zone - typing, retyping, researching etc, and still have to stop and take notes in a document.

My perfect workflow would be something like: automatically capture everything you wrote in the terminal to a file. Then, based off this file, add the step descriptions and any other additional information. No need to manually copy pieces of data from the terminal to the document, risking forgetting a step in the process.

I was wondering if any of you guys ever thought about this or done anything to automate it? I don't use the shell from emacs, I use iTerm. One alternative I think is to use GNU Screen and set it up to log the input (I know a colleague of mine did that once). Another one is to setup something from emacs that automatically saves the input data in a temp buffer and then converts it to a org file.

I'll try one of those tonight, but if any of you guys have insights you'd like to share, it'd be superb :)


- Marcelo.

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